We're students helping students.

We're students helping students be more engaged in their community through voter registration, volunteer and service events, and more! Check us out.

Afro-American Society (AAS)

We are the oldest chartered organization at Eckerd that provides a support system for Black Eckerd students. Learn about us here!

Florida PIRG Students (Public Interest Research Group) is the student-run and largely student-funded nonprofit on campus.

We are a chapter of the Student PIRGs, a national student-run nonpartisan nonprofit that's been around since the 70s. In 2018, we helped increase voter turnout by over 300% between 18-24 year olds through launching our nonpartisan New Voters Project, that focuses on the ask every student model. Learn more about us here!

Eckerd College Organization of Students (ECOS) is Eckerd's representative student government.

We aim to effectively advocate for student interests and empower students to use their voice. Few schools have a student body with as much power and say as we have here. Learn more about us here!

Campus Vote Project (CVP)

We work with faculty, students, and local officials to reduce barriers to students voting. Our goal is to help institutionalize voting reform to empower students like you with the information you need to register and vote.

Civic Engagement Is Important

Get involved with us today and tomorrow, you'll change the world.