Faculty can play a major role in our work.

The easiest way to build a culture of democratic engagement on campus is to integrate voter education into preexisting programs and curriculums on campus. When professors and faculty pledge to be civically engaged in the effort, they are helping increase the youth voter turnout. At the end of the day, this is a campus effort.

Are you a faculty member wondering how you can help?

  • Allow a virtual nonpartisan voter registration announcements in your class

  • Sending out an email to your students encouraging them to register to vote

  • Include voter registration deadlines, important election dates, and StudentVote.org in your syllabus

  • Add a voter registration announcement with StudentVote.org to your Moodle page

  • Change your Zoom background to include StudentVote.org

  • Not scheduling exams or having big projects due on Election Day

  • Not requiring attendance for class on Election Day

  • Posting on your social media about upcoming elections and registering to vote