Your guide to voting in Florida.

We've pulled together the best tools to make sure the voting process is as smooth as possible.

Register to vote, pledge to vote, and more at! is a one-stop online resource for students facing questions about voting. You are able to fill out a registration form online and get all the relevant information you need beyond simply registering to vote--knowing what’s on the ballot, what form of ID you may need, how you can vote absentee, and answers to other frequently asked questions.

Since 2008, the Student PIRGs have used online voter registration, online organizing, and virtual tools to help make sure we can reach the most young people possible. In that time, 100,000 students have used the tool to register to vote. is sponsored by the Student PIRGs and our student government allies around the country.

Want to Vote By Mail? Good thing Florida has no-excuse Vote by Mail, meaning anyone can request it!

Go to Make A Plan to request for any county in Florida.

You can also go to Pinellas County's Supervisor of Election page!

Need some reminders about important deadlines and dates?

In the midst of classes, exams, and life, sometimes you forget. By pledging to vote, we can remind you when important dates are coming up to make sure you have a plan to vote.

Go here to pledge to vote in the upcoming elections!